Michigan IM Injections (Intramuscular)

This is just a sample of all the formulas we offer at Cutler Integrative Medicine. For a complete list please call our team directly, (248) 663-0165.


(Aesthetic) (Anti-Aging) (Anti-Inflammatory) (Anti-Oxidant) (Detoxification) (Endocrine) (Energy) (Hydration) (Immune) (Metabolism) (Recovery) (Stress Relief) (Wellness)

B-12 Shot


Fatigued even with your morning joe? Get a boost with the most well known nutrient to recharge your energy and focus, while decreasing stress.

• Methyl-Cobalamin helps increase energy
• Helps brain function
• Helps reduce depression and stress
• Helps in cell reproduction and renewal of the skin
• Helps maintain a healthy digestive system

Lightning Bolt


Lethargic and feeling like a shot of espresso? Replace it with Dr. Cutler’s high octane IM formula with 5 key nutrients to assist the most ac#ve lifestyle.

• Essential nutrients to aid in energy and immune support
• Carnitine helps stimulate the metabolism
• Helps support the immune system
• Promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails
• Decreases stress

Cold Buster

(AES) (AA) (AO) (DTX) (END) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

Starting to feel under the weather? Give your immune system a needed boost with Vitamin C, Zinc, and other key nutrients to help you feeling better fast!

• Increases immunity to help fight colds
• Powerful anti-oxidant
• Aids in nutrient absorption
• Helps to improve blood flow

Stress Liberator


The perfect IM blend of 5 essentials for the overwhelmed, anxious or type-A personality that has no extra time in the day but needs to relax.

• Relives overall physical tension by relaxing muscles
• Assists in calming your anxieties
• Helps increase your energy to get through the day
• Improves feeling of depression

Slim Shot

(AES) (AA) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

This natural fat-burning IM formula uses 5 lipotropic agents designed to assist you to lose weight on-the-go. Enhance your workout or diet in seconds with this concentrated shot.

• Stimulates the metabolism naturally
• Helps to increase energy and well-being
• Releases storage of fat in the cells
• Boosts your ability to burn fat

Skin Rejuvenation

(AES) (AA) (AI) (AO) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (WEL)

2-Part Injection formula that will help protect and reverse the signs of skin aging through anti-oxidants and key repair nutrients. A must have for the modern Beauty enthusiast.

• Maintains youthful glowing skin
• Stimulates collagen production
• Strengthens hair and nails
• Supports repair of tissues
• Alleviates stress and increases mood


(AA) (AO) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (WEL)

The Master Anti-Oxidant that supercharges your cells and strengthens your overall health, supports the immune system, and helps cellular damage.

• Master detoxifying nutrient
• Mother of all antioxidants
• Skin Brightening
• Anti-aging

Quick Detox

(AA) (AO) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

2-Part Injection formula that will support detoxification in the liver and boost metabolism using four powerful fat burners with glutathione.

• increases detoxification pathways
• Stimulates your fat burning ability • provides hormonal support
• Helps brain and nervous system
• Supports normal blood function


(AA) (AI) (AO) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

Would you like to get more out of your workout? Multi-functional nutrients are designed to give you the best recovery after a workout with immediate results. Also can be used to increase overall endurance for peak performance lifestyles.

• Aids in rebuilding muscle tissue
• Increases metabolism
• Increases energy
• Alleviates inflammation
• Speeds recovery and healing time
• Reduces stress and anxiety

Mind Sharpener

(AA) (AO) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

2-Part concentrated Injection formula that will quickly and effectively enhance mental clarity and motivate you to efficiently accomplish more everyday.

• Improves mental clarity
• Increases ability to focus
• Calms the nervous system
• Helps to prevent fatigue
• Alleviates anxiety and depression


(AES) (AA) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

Hormones play a key role in living a physically healthy and mentally balanced life. This IM formula uses a powerful combination essen#al nutrients to balance hormones and even help burn fat.

• Promotes endocrine balance
• Increases detoxification
• Alleviates stress and anxiety
• Decreases tension
• Assists in weight loss


(AA) (AI) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (IMU) (MTB) (WEL)

Vitamin D controls over 2,000 processes in the body, and it is easily depleted from lifestyle factors and lack of sun exposure. This IM formula will increase your Vitamin D levels to help improve your immune system and mood.

• Elevates mood and seasonal affective disorder
• Supports healthy brain and nervous system
• Strengthens the immune system
• Aids in diabetes management
• Maintains healthy bones, lungs, and heart

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