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(Aesthetic) (Anti-Aging) (Anti-Inflammatory) (Anti-Oxidant) (Detoxification) (Endocrine) (Energy) (Hydration) (Immune) (Metabolism) (Recovery) (Stress Relief) (Wellness)

Cutler Guarantee

(AES) (AA) (AI) (AO) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (HYD) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

Dr. Cutler’s personal guarantee and signature IV formula featuring an astounding 17 key nutrients that will meet all the demands that our lifestyle depletes from us. Our globally-focused and most potent infusion to address most areas of health allow our body to heal itself and help you feel rejuvenated.

• Most advanced “all-in-one” formula
• Potent anti-oxidants prevent aging
• Detoxifies the body
• Super hydrating
• Increases energy and performance
• Decreases stress and
• Promotes endocrine balance

Fountain of Youth

(AES) (AA) (AO) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (HYD) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

Our ultimate longevity formula uniquely designed to achieve a more youthful appearance on the outside and extend the life of our body inside through high levels of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, collagen, and anti-inflammatories and more. Live life to the fullest!

• Rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids
• Stimulates collagen in skin
• Promotes healthy hair and nails
• Increases hydration and recovery
• Supports the immune system
• Helps mental clarity and balance
• Relieves stress

Better Than Coffee

(AA) (AO) (DTX) (ERG) (HYD) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

Yep, your cup of Joe isn’t all that. Replace your coffee addiction, yellow teeth, acidic bones, gut inflammation, and mid-day energy crashes with nutrients that help your body create its own energy supply through creating healthier, more oxygenated cell metabolism. Coffee can’t touch this!

• Promotes sustained energy
• Stimulates the metabolism
• Breaks down fat
• Increases mood
• Aids in beauty

High Dose Vitamin C*

(AA) (AO) (DTX) (ERG) (HYD) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

Get the ultimate in oxidative therapy with high dose Vitamin C that has proven to eliminate persistent pathogens and chronic infections.

• Stimulates the immune system
• Powerful antioxidant, anti-aging
• Helps to decrease stress
• Improves healing and recovery
• Helps fight the common cold
• Relaxes muscles and calms anxiety

Complete Detox #1 and #2

(AES) (AA) (AO) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

Detoxification is a key to overall health by letting go of what no longer serves us and welcoming the new. Common benefits include weight loss, more energy, and mental clarity to name a few. Detox 2 is for those ready for a deeper detoxification.

• Neutralizes toxins in the body
• Stimulates weight loss
• Increases energy and well-being
• Keeps nerves and blood cells healthy
• Improves immune function

Super Athlete

(AES) (AA) (AI) (AO) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (HYD) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

Perfect for those who wold like to regain that competitive edge and improve your competitions, intense workouts, or overall level of fitness and physique. Boost endurance, help muscle recovery, and hydration levels.

• Supports peak performance
• Aids in muscle recovery
• Increases hydration
• Boosts energy and endurance
• Supports immune, nervous systems

Weight Loss

(AES) (AA) (AI) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

When we don’t get the nutrients we need through food, we don’t feel satiated (full). By infusing key nutrients and metabolism boosters, we can kick start our weight loss naturally. Get back to the real you, and set yourself free!

• Helps the body burn fat
• Curbs appetite and cravings
• Aids in weight loss
• Increases overall metabolism
• Detoxifies the body

Chill Out

(AES) (AA) (AI) (AO) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

Feeling overwhelmed with the pressures and demands of our modern society? Chill out with our exclusive infusion and help to relieve stress, calm your nerves and support a restful nights sleep

• Increases overall mood
• Decreases stress and anxiety
• Relieves muscle tension
• Improves relaxation and sleep
• Improves memory and clarity

Einstein E=mc2

(AA) (AO) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

Feel like a genius everyday with our Einstein IV! Improve mental clarity and focus, and outsmart the world with key ingredients that help you get more done faster becoming a multi-tasking extraordinaire!

• Aids in mental focus
• Enhances memory
• Decreases stress and tension
• Improves overall mood
• Increases energy

Hormonal Support

(AES) (AA) (AO) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

With stress and environmental toxicants in our food and water supply, we are witnessing vast increases in hormonal imbalances, endocrine disorders, women’s health issues, chronic fatigue, weight issues, and mental issues. Restore your body to a healthy and balanced state and feel like you can conquer the world.

• Balances the endocrine system
• Improves energy and well-being
• Decreases inflammation and pain
• Relieves tension and stress
• Calms the nervous system
• Increases blood flow
• Detoxifies the body

Rehydration 500

(AA) (AO) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (HYD) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

Dehydration affects 75% of Americans, and chronic dehydration can lead to premature aging, and chronic disease. Give liquid nutrition to instantly lubricate your joints, saturate your cells and skin, eyes and gut, so you can feel more focused, have more energy, and regain a flow in your life.

• Helps cell metabolism
• Improves mental clarity
• Increases energy and mood
• Stimulates collagen production
• Essential electrolytes
• Aids in all body functions

Healthy Heart

(AES) (AA) (AI) (AO) (DTX) (END) (ERG) (HYD) (IMU) (MTB) (RCV) (STR) (WEL)

With heart disease on the rise, be more light-hearted by restoring heart strength! Our most unique and top of line 3 part infusion combines 16 nutrients that are specifically designed to benefit your heart no matter what stage of life you are at.

• Amino acids assist healthy heart function
• Maintains healthy blood pressure
• Improves nerve function
• Calms muscle tension and stress
• Improves overall energy

Chelation Therapy


Many doctors perform chelation therapy, but very few are trained properly. First things first, a pre and post UTM (urinary toxic metal) panel is required to determine type of chelator and help monitor treatment. When oral DMSA is not indicated, caEDTA can used to remove lead from the bones, and cadmium from the kidneys. DMPS can be used to remove inorganic mercury from the tissues.

• Most powerful detoxification
• Remove toxic metals
• Supports all aspects of health
• Improves liver and kidneys
• Protects against illness
• Aids mental stability

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